Persuading Customers with Customizable Live Chat Programs

parameterThe Internet has made a lot of things more convenient for consumers.  Today, it is possible to get the information, products, and services that you need even without leaving your home.  Businesses have taken advantage of the Internet technology by setting up shop Online.  This has also increased business competition, turning the internet into a bustling marketplace.  Any business that intends to keep their connection with their customers should make use of customizable live chat programs on their websites.

Connecting with your website visitors is the key to conversion.  This means that you need to establish your site, brand, products, and services, as relevant to your visitors.  This is what your content and design should communicate.  Having a live chat program on your website will also give you a chance to interact with your visitors to find out how you can help them with their needs.  Again, you are highlighting your desire to become relevant to your visitors.

globale A chat box or window should be cleverly incorporated into your web design and layout.  The chat services provider should be able to help you in coming up with the most eye-friendly yet attention-grabbing placement for your chat window.  The more important factor about choosing a chat program is the kind of support it can give both for your site visitors and your company.  The customers should find the chat support feature helpful and informative.  The company or business, on the other hand, should experience positive effects in terms of customer satisfaction rating, reputation, and profitability.

There are different live chat programs and software available in the market today.  What you need to find is the one that matches the needs of your business.  If a chat facility is one that will merely serve as a customer complaint portal, perhaps one with automated response mechanisms would be enough.  More aggressive facilities that are intended for sales initiatives as well would require a more extensive support system and manpower.

There are chat programs that can be customized based on your needs.  You can include a routing feature that redirects chat requests in case no chat representatives are available.  You can also “schedule” chat invites using visitor activity as triggers.  You can also outsource your chat services manpower needs if you do not want to maintain your own team or if you are only offering the services for a short period of time.  You simply have to be clear about the deliverables you expect from your service provider.

In customizing your live chat facility, you need to keep convenience in mind.  Do not lose sight of your purpose for offering the chat feature in your website.  The kind of functionalities that you should include in your chat facility should be responsive to the needs of your customers.  You should also be able to measure and analyze the results of having this feature on your website.  This will help you determine whether or not it is indeed wise for you to have it.

Aside from the program or the software, the manpower for your live chat facility is also a key factor.  It is important to understand that the way your chat representatives handle the chat sessions influences customer satisfaction.  The customer needs to feel genuine concern coming from the chat representative.  For customer complaints and concerns, the chat representative should be able to appease the customers and assure them that their issues are being addressed.  Taking the chat sessions further to upsell or cross-sell after addressing the customers’ needs is also a good way to maximize the use of chat facilities.  When chat facilities are customized to fit the needs of the customers and business to a tee, you will be sure to recover your investment several folds over.