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Kale from the Garden ( a quickie)

Our garden is starting to fill with treats and harvest-ready fruits and veggies.  I love being able to make a salad using fresh organic food right from the garden.  It's especially perfect right now when we are busy, run ragged, spending time at the pool and have NO idea what to make for dinner.  Grocery shop in the garden...that's what I'm talkin about! :)

First Kale Harvest Last Night
This awesome kale along with garden fresh butter lettuce and spinach made a great base for a huge dinner salad last night.  Even The Cupcakers had a bowl.  And today, I will be juicing the rest of that kale for my green juice.

How do you use kale? Do you have an awesome recipe for adding dark leafy greens to your diet? Feel free to share in the comments! Happy Thursday!


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